So here's the description of what I wanted to do:

Take the various operations associated with administering taxonomy, and split them into different permissions levels. So for instance, one permission would be 'view taxonomy terms' and another would be 'add taxonomy terms', etc...

I therefore took the Taxonomy Manager module and made some major modifications to split permissions and change some links, etc... If you do not want to open up the creation and management of taxonomy terms to your users, do not use this modification. It has not yet been fully tested for possible security implications.

This basically replaces the 'administer taxonomy' permission with a much finer grain of permissions. Some operations, such as change siblings, etc... I kept with the original permissions since I didn't actually want my users to be able to do those actions.

Check out the patch and the full version of the module if you like.

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@dwees - is this working for you on your site - I installed the patched version and the permission settings show up but Taxonomy Manager itself does not (link disappears from Admin menu, accessing admin/content/taxonomy_manager just falls back to admin/content/ etc). The settings admin page is still accessible but the actual manager is not.

Update: ok scratch that, once I added a role (other than authenticated) and gave it to myself (user1) it works.

Problem now is some of the normal operations don't, such as expanding hierarchies in the manager pane & the link to each taxonomy from admin/content/taxonomy_manager is broken (goes to taxonomy_manager/voc/1 instead of admin/content/taxonomy_manager/voc/1 etc).

Will keep digging, would love this to work as its just what I need for our new project (building open source taxonomies).

Update: ok scratch that again - as soon as I cleared the cache, poof, back to the original problem.

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I want to allow certain users to manage the terms within taxonomies only - I don't want them to be able to edit the actual taxonomies themselves. Does this patch cater for that?

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Been just looking at sg like this, such as letting users add new terms to a taxonomy. Will test this now.

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ping! progress?

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I haven't been using this code in a while. The site that I put this on I ended up abandoning about a year later, so there has been no further progress on my end for this project.

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Version: 6.x-1.0-beta2 » 6.x-2.x-dev
Status: Active » Needs work

If this is going anywhere, it will need work and it should be made against the latest dev.