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MD5: dd633f983e4a43bb9da7bd40e1d81682
SHA-1: af6021cdd7670ba2d641c25510dc804c3c82bd38
SHA-256: d0a032fa796164f3e889850934d16dd1b1fcbd7fe77966c21a65e6123247d281
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MD5: c39b083b93610ab8e72b5c1f7fcd7c19
SHA-1: 0cdf78dda0eb39b9ddeea204eb3dbd0d676242a1
SHA-256: c789b331061f0de71421ace377c01e1c175f14a080f175b991443da4473e90fe

Release info

Created by: KarenS
Created on: 2 Oct 2008 at 14:33 UTC
Last updated: 2 Oct 2008 at 14:35 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

CCK 6.2-rc8

Be sure to visit update.php after uploading this release. This release includes important upgrade path fixes and a new UI for the manage fields screen.

- #314986 by moshe weitzman, remove hook_devel_caches(), deprecated in favor of content_flush_caches().
- Clean up inconsistencies in unsetting _error_element, sometimes not unsetting it, sometimes not testing before unsetting it causing undefined index errors.
- Add more documentation of how nested nodereference and userreference items work.
- #119102 Combo field prep, Use === in userreference and nodereference validation to be sure we get right results if parent is a zero (delta) value instead of a string name.
- #119102, #314843 Make sure module process code doesn't override #element_validate set by other modules.
- #119102 Combo field prep, rework fieldgroup name validation into API to be used by other modules.
- #312546 by stella - Change some links to make translation easier.
- Added the #delta value to the wrong place in the element, it was inaccessible to the formatter theme.
- #119102 Combo field prep, rework the field overview form so it can hanle other kinds of groups.
- #119102 Combo field prep, add hooks to the fieldgroup module so other modules can alter group info.
- #119102 Combo field prep, add group_type information to the Manage fields screen.
- #119102 Combo field prep, add group_type column to content_group table.
- #310420 Make sure fields created by disabled modules get marked inactive in the database.
- #119102 Combo field prep, allow way to override multiple values settings for optionwidgets.
- #119102 Combo field prep, add prev_parent and group info to display fields overview.
- #119102 Combo field prep, add a helper function that can determine if a field is in use and the max delta value in use.
- #309667 Add Panels integration in. This is still experimental since Panels for D6 is still experimental.
- #307909 Don't create Views tables for fields that don't create db columns.
- Make incompatibility with older Views releases stand out more.
- Fix errors when rendering fieldgroups in 'advanced' contexts (RSS, search...).
- Do not insert field and group labels in search index.
- Fix drag-n-drop order lost when node form is redisplayed after node preview or failed validation.
- Fix drag-n-drop order not accounted for in node previews.
- #306572 Number: Incorrect validation of allowed values for Float and Decimal fields.
- #306963 by p.brouwers - Number : fix missing formatter for '9.999,99' (be_2).
- Views integration : Add default label for userref and noderef relationships.
- #234774 Nifty new UI to add fields and groups (requires a cache clear) + initial integration with advanced_help module.
- #281749 by asimmonds: fix '0' not parsed as an alias for allowed values.
- #309365 Views integration: Consider relationships when force-adding the 'Node: Type' field - thks jhuckabee.
- #308215 by Reg - Nodereference: Do not filter on empty string when querying for referenceable nodes.
- #308778 Fix $item['view'] element missing for tokens and contemplate.
- #310414 Fix broken redirects when adding fields to content types with an underscore in their machine names.
- #310484 by merlinofchaos - Views integration: Allow relationships to work nicely with multiple values.
- Views integration: reorder elements in the field's settings to ba a little more logical.
- #306604 Views integration: fix relationships with 'group multiple values' option. Thx merlinofchaos for the help.
- Add a message on the 'Manage fields' screen about the benefits of advanced_help module.
- #311883 by hass : Fix a string go give translators better context.
- #310873 Upgrade path : abort updates if content.module and/or field modules are disabled, and fix existing sites possibly affected.
- #310219 Let modules expose additional display modes iunder the 'Display fields' tab : hook_content_build_modes().


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