It is here and it is the "official" way to integrate Facebook identities with websites beyond... A few resources:

Launch announcement

Sample integration (Facebook's demo)

Wiki documentation

Developer discussions (Facebook Connect forum section)

We should start thinking of how to integrate this into D4F, probably replacing some chunks of fb_user module...

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No doubt some chunks of fb_user can go away, thankfully. I've already taken some stuff away from the HEAD branch.

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I am very much interested in this topic. We discussed on FB garage - connect meetup

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Any timeframe when this module will integrate with Facebook Connect?

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Not that I am aware of, but any help would be appreciated.

Here for everyone's reference is another post regarding Connect integration:

Perhaps the solution is to move Chris' code into this module.

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There is already some fbConnect in the fb modules. See fb_connect.module. You can log into using your facebook credentials by clicking the "connect" button. Note that for now, fbconnect stuff only works if you have the developer app on your facebook account. Its not available to the general public yet.

See also this post if you want to play with fbConnect on your site:

The fb_connect module provides the most basic pieces. fbConnect is actually a bunch of different things and I'm still not sure how best to support the various pieces.

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Version: 5.x-1.x-dev » 5.x-2.x-dev
Category: task » feature

Firstly thanks for the work so far on Drupal for Facebook - it's a very useful module. I've been trying to get the Facebook Connect login block ( working on our drupal site, it's not working as i thought it would so this post is an attempt to determine if i should wait and see if a future release will include further support for FB Connect and/or if i should try to get to grips with what's there already and implement my own (likely to be rough as i'm very new to drupal development/best practices) work-arounds.

I sometimes get a "duplicate entry" error when connecting, presumably because the block is trying to insert a record mapping my FB id to the drupal guest account (uid 0) rather than the currently logged-in user. not sure if this is as expected or if i can fix it somehow myself. I know the block as given is a demo, strictly-speaking so that all said, my question is whether tighter integration with FB Connect will likely be included when a stable 5.x release is finished/are these the "user management issues" mentioned at , or will the 6.x release be the first to include full fbConnect integration?


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Get the latest modules. A day ago I checked in code for the login block. Its a work in progress, as I want the block to be more configurable. And I want to resolve 2 issues. One is that logging out does not do the right thing in all cases. The other the duplicate entry bug which I have seen too, but cannot reproduce reliably enough to fix yet.

Work with the login block in the latest fb_connect.module, instead of And submit issues to this project as you encounter them. Thanks.

Also DFF should not map any facebook uid to drupal uid 0. Instead it will create a local drupal account with uid > 0.

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does this integrate with this Facebook Connect module? ?

Is this a substitute for the fbconnect that is part of Drupal for Facebook? Do they have the same features?

In either case, I look forward to using both modules!!!! Thanks for your work.


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Above in #5, are you saying that someone needs to have the 'developer app' directly on their facebook account in order to use facebook connect that is part of Drupal for Facebook? So only facebook developers can login using facebook connect that is part of DF (Drupal for Facebook)?

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My comment in #5 was true at the time, because of restrictions imposed by facebook. Its no longer the case.

The fbConnect module is completely separate. They are not intended to be used together. I am no expert in that module, but my understanding is that it does not do things like create local drupal accounts automatically or publish feed messages. It does other things like save parts of users' facebook profiles to the local database. (Drupal for Facebook does not attempt to do that. I suspect doing so violates facebook terms of service.) Again I'm no expert so its best to ask the developers of that module.

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I am trying to figure out the differences between Drupal for Facebook and Facebook connect modules.

Drupal for Facebook allows me to create applications from any part of my site.
I can use facebook connect or infinite session to login.

Facebook connect allows me to:
* After logging through Facebook Connect, users can create a local Drupal account
* Users can choose which of their Facebook public information they want to import and synchronize with their Drupal local account, following Facebook Connect API Terms of use
* Users can see which of their Facebook friends already have an account on the Drupal website
* Users can publish a customizable message on their Facebook feed announcing that they have created an account on the Drupal website
* Users can invite their Facebook friends to create an account on the Drupal website

Does Drupal for Facebook allow this too?

Can I use Facebook Connect to connect to a users account and Drupal for Facebook to create applications? I think I read that infinite session or Drupal for Facebook connect can be used.

Please let me know.


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I'm not an expert on the Facebook Connect module so I hope someone will correct me if I'm wrong...

The two are developed independently. As they are today I would not expect them to both work together, because they would both try to include the facebook api classes. If you tell Drupal for Facebook to find the same facebook.php that Facebook Connect uses, then maybe they will work properly together, using Facebook Connect for connect stuff, and Drupal for Facebook for canvas pages. I have not tried this.

Drupal for Facebook supports Facebook Connect as well. If configured to do so, it attempts to create local drupal accounts for users who log in via facebook. It manages template bundles and exposes methods which write to the user's facebook feed when they act on the drupal site. For example, posting to should write to your facebook feed, if you've logged in via fbConnect. And it has actions and methods to write to the user's profile boxes. And other methods of the facebook api can be used.

Drupal for Facebook does not import information from the facebook profile to the Drupal profile. And does not currently show which other users are friends of the current user. Those would be nice additions.

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So if I managed to use FBConnect and created an app with DFF, would a user be able to login to the app?

None of this would be possible however:
Drupal for Facebook supports Facebook Connect as well. If configured to do so, it attempts to create local drupal accounts for users who log in via facebook. It manages template bundles and exposes methods which write to the user's facebook feed when they act on the drupal site. For example, posting to should write to your facebook feed, if you've logged in via fbConnect. And it has actions and methods to write to the user's profile boxes. And other methods of the facebook api can be used.

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I get the following error after enabling fbconnect and displaying the login button:

Errors while loading page from application
Runtime errors:
FBML Error (line 8): unknown tag "fb:login-button"

Any pointers what is going wrong?
Thanks, Chris

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210.27 KB

Ref. my comment above (#6), i get the duplicate key error every time i connect to using fbConnect (see attached). Does that help in diagnosing the problem? Maybe it's not reproducible because for whatever reason, when I first tried to connect my facebook id got put in the mapping table using the wrong drupal id?

I've been looking also at the Facebook Connect module (i know it's completely separate) but prefer the flexibility for posting arbitrarily to news feeds offered by DFF.


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Can you guys give me an example of an fbConnect-aware theme?

Also not sure if it is only me, but I tried the fb connect in Firefox and it resized the login screen, and started to make it smaller :) Seems like some kind of javascript issue.

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Yeah, if you mean that a second smaller window pops up instead of the javascript login box, I had the same problem. I thought it was something wrong with my page that it wasn't fbconnect-aware, but then I tried the official facebook connect demo site ( and got the same thing. So I think it might be something glitchy with the API. Or they've changed something but not changed the demo site....

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Status: Active » Fixed

At the very least, facebook connect aware themes must include the xml namespace attribute in the header. See

I'll post shortly about overriding theme username and user picture functions.

Marking as fixed because facebook connect login, while perhaps not perfect, is implemented.

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Thanks guys, will try this out today. Does FB connect modul modify the login form like OpenID login does? I kind of like that :P Anyway, will see this for myself.

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It provides its own login block. But I agree it should modify the login form if configured to do so. Feel free to submit as a feature request. (And ideally provide a patch)

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Yes, this is exactly what I did. Facebook Connect lets facebook users create Drupal accounts now.