Context: Drupal India community is working together to connect Drupallers in India from different platforms like IRC, slack, telegram etc. So as part of this idea, matrix Federation seemed a very good platform to bridge all the chat platforms to

Problem: One of the tasks is to bridge drupal-in IRC channel with
I've created a matrix room for Drupal India and tried bridging it with drupal-in IRC room, but the admin of drupal-in IRC didn't accept my request to bridge. Please accept the request to bridge 2 rooms.

Additional Info: If any of the Drupal staff needs admin access to matrix room, please let me know.


ranjithraj created an issue. See original summary.

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hello @ranjithraj when possible make me admin on so i can bridge both channels.
Thank you

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Hello @ricardoamaro!
Thanks for the response, I've made you admin on

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this is done

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Just to be noted, I'm currently hosting and managing the bot that integrates the Telegram channel to the IRC channel.

Eventually when a better solution is implemented following the Matrix tracks, we can move it out.

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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@ranjithraj I personally don't have nothing against this request since your channel is local to your community and it makes sense for your community to bridge it with whatever they need to be able to communicate. However I can't make a decision only by myself since there are other IRC admins that did the blocking for security reasons. I've requested a meeting with all IRC admins and a BoF at Drupalcon Vienna to move this forward and get a viable solution soon, hopefully.
Ping @mlhess @hestenet