Follow-up to #1203532: jQuery Form Plugin update to latest stable release


jQuery.form got new home so changed it's major version points that 4.2.0

jQuery Form is confirmed to be compatible with jQuery 2 and 3!

So for 8.4.0 core it should be updated to be sure that nothing will be broken

Proposed resolution

Update to latest stable release

Remaining tasks

patch, review, commit

User interface changes


API changes


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andypost created an issue. See original summary.

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+1 to doing this. Good to keep our vendor libraries updated whenever possible. says "jQuery Form is confirmed to be compatible with jQuery 2 and 3!", which is great news. It does not explicitly say that previous versions were not compatible with jQuery3, so recategorizing this issue from bug to task. However, if someone finds a bug with HEAD's jquery.form, or an explicit mention on the jquery-form project that discusses one, then at that time, please set this back to a bug.

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@effulgentsia thanks, fixed summary

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