Let me tell you a sad Drupal story:

  1. Imagine a module called Pastafazoul. It provides a content entity type. It also provides a file field and field storage in its default configuration (although this bug would happen with any field type), attached to the entity type it provides. The important thing is that the field storage does not persist if there are no fields. Imagine also that the module provides some other form of configuration, like a bundle or view display, which uses, and therefore depends on, that field.
  2. You install Pastafazoul. All is hunky-dory.
  3. Without having created any content, you decide to uninstall Pastafazoul. When you try, you get a screen confirming the configuration changes that will occur as a result. Among those changes is that the field and field storage will be deleted. So far, so good.
  4. You uninstall Pastafazoul. The field, as expected, is deleted. However, it is not purged. But that's OK, because purging is done during cron runs (field_cron()). The uninstall goes OK otherwise, and the entity type it provided no longer exists. All good.
  5. You now try to uninstall File (let's pretend that Pastafazoul was the only thing depending on it), but it won't let you because it says that File has fields pending deletion. Ah, no problem, you think -- you haven't run cron yet.
  6. You run cron and try again to uninstall File. It still says that File has fields pending deletion.
  7. Mildly puzzled, you run cron again. Then you try to uninstall File again. It still says that File has fields pending deletion.
  8. You run cron until you are blue in the face. File continues to insist that has fields pending deletion. You try again and again, eventually go insane, and die of old age. Later, the sun becomes a red giant and incinerates the Earth. Still the damn module sits there, welded to your site, insisting that it has fields pending deletion.

What went wrong?

The problem lies in core/modules/field/field.purge.inc, circa line 92:

    if (!isset($info[$entity_type])) {

The entity type to which the field was attached was destroyed when Pastafazoul was uninstalled, but the field was merely deleted, with the expectation of being purged later. Therefore the isset() failed, and the field was not purged.

Meanwhile, \Drupal\field\FieldUninstallValidator has been loading that deleted, effectively unpurgeable field (see the getFieldStorageByModule() method). Because it was able to load the deleted field, it thinks the field is still waiting to be purged (and it's not wrong). Therefore, it is not allowing File to be uninstalled, because as far as it can tell, there are file fields pending deletion.

So in other words: if you remove a content entity type by uninstalling the module that provides it, any fields attached to that entity type will stick around forever, in limbo, deleted but not purgeable. And the modules which provide those fields will never be uninstallable, because they will continue to think that their fields are pending deletion -- not realizing that those fields are trapped in a state where they can never be purged.

I think this is a pretty major bug because it can crap up a Drupal site with zombie fields, prevent modules from being uninstalled, and trip up core tests like InstallUninstallTest, which expect to be able to install and uninstall modules in a logical way. Not sure what the right fix would be -- I suspect there are several possible approaches -- but we need to start thinking about this.

This bug was turned up by InstallUninstallTest and #2831936: Add "File" MediaSource plugin.


phenaproxima created an issue. See original summary.

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As discussed last night, I think as a first step, \Drupal\field\FieldUninstallValidator::validate() should be extended to also check for fields of entity types that would be removed by the uninstall.

Possibly only deleted fields, as non-deleted fields can just be removed if there is no data.

I'm wondering when exactly the field does get set to being purged status. if that only happens on uninstall due to the media bundles being deleted, then we might hit a weird state where the uninstall validator already did run?

In that case, a possibly alternative fix would be to check for a field being empty when deleting it and then immediately drop it, without going through the purge process.

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Quoting @catch at #2831936-188: Add "File" MediaSource plugin:

+++ b/core/modules/media/media.install
@@ -28,6 +28,15 @@ function media_install() {
+ * Implements hook_uninstall().
+ *
+ * @TODO Remove when https://www.drupal.org/node/2884202 is fixed.
+ */
+function media_uninstall() {
+  \Drupal::moduleHandler()->invoke('field', 'cron');

I don't mind that as a workaround, field purging is painful and the other issue looks potentially critical.

Emphasis mine.

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Priority: Major » Critical

Yeah, data integrity sadness. Let's promote this to at least review the potential criticality.