In node I have added one date field with date time. After that I have created one node and add value "06/05/2017 - 22:15" to date field and save it.

After that I have tried to access date field value in theme_preprocess_node() and getting different value "2017-06-05T16:45:00".

So How can I get value that I have entered in at the time of node create programatically in Drupal 8?

Please let me know if anyone work on it.


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Hi @NitinSP,

Seems like your user timezone or may be system timezone is different. Please check it once as i see there is no issue with the date-time value from date field.


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Hi @gg24,

Thanks for reply.

My system timezone is Asia/Kolkata and and I have setup drupal default timezone to country -UK and Europe/London.

I am using below custom code to fetch paragraph date field value

$dateStart = new DrupalDateTime($paragraph->get('field_start_date_time')->getString());
$offerStartTime = $date->format($dateStart->getTimestamp(), 'custom', 'm/d/Y H:i:s');

Is there any way to collect correct datatime value?