I have had an issue on several things now with date not accounting for leap year.

Calendars have been off, age is incorrect etc.

Most recently I have used Views timeago selector and date of birth field. For every 4-7 years of age the age is off by 1 day cumulatively.
Age 5 is off by 1 day
Age 9 is off by 2 days
Age 13 is off by 3 days etc.

At first I thought it was Views but tracing it back, it looks like it is the DATE module. I am not a programmer, but it looks like it may be differences in date & dateTime or perhaps dateInterval. I would love to be able to fix it myself but I am afraid I would break more than I fix.

Does anyone have a solution for this issue?



garymullins created an issue.

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Is no one else having a problem with this?
Is there a fix I am missing?
I have searched and have not found a solution. If one exist, can you point me in the right directions?
Thanks in advance