I have set up a pattern for my articles as follows: [node:content-type]/[node:title]

Works like a charm but the problem I am facing is:

1) the Strings to Remove I have left to default

This get´s a result of certain strings getting cut off logically

2) my pattern results in using the complete node title: as the post/blog article title can be extensive, I end up with a path that uses the entire title but without some strings as mentioned in 1)

As an example:

Node title: ´Remove the ´summary´in a content type´

path: article/remove_summaryin_content_type

So first of, it should be remove_summary_in_a_content_type if I remove the´a´from the strings ...

But the strings remove bit escapes my intelligence ... as the node title is generated the moment one adds content, it does not make much sense to me ...either leave the strings remove completely blank or go back each time you add content to remove the missing string from the list.

Further more, but this might be tricky or even impossible to achieve and even if it is possible, maybe it is more a Token problem: but most of us will agree that long paths are not the way to go. But at the moment generating a path based on the node title seems to have no option to shorten the path or have a bit of leeway to still generate a decent path without having the whole node title.

Example: /article/pathauto_is_a_basic_module_for_every_drupal_freak_who_knows_his_stuff....
Turned into:/article/pathauto/basic_module


dzinelabs created an issue.