After the first three phases of #2666584: [Community Initiative Proposal] Project Applications Process Revamp are complete users who've opted in to the git terms of service will be able to promote their projects to full projects with releases without first going through a project applications review. They'll also be able to opt-in to have their projects receive security advisory coverage through the security team.

However, one of the stated goals of the revamp is to find a way to preserve the value of peer review of code. And a larger goal for is to provide more signals of project quality that can be used to help end-users decide which projects to use for their sites.

In this issue, let's come up with some ideas on how we can:

  • make peer code review a more generalized part of projects, once it is separated from the projects apps process
  • display information about code reviews on project pages to use them as a new project quality signal
  • somehow quantify peer code reviews so they can become a method of sorting projects in search
  • provide credit to the users who provide this peer code review done, see #2810485: Allow more maintainers to grant credit
  • perhaps have someway to indicate on users profiles (or even under their pics on comments?) that they are code review rockstars

This is just a rough sketch at this point, but hopefully we can brainstorm together


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provide credit to the users who provide this peer code review

Was done!