This summary issue will be used to represent the current state of the marketplace ranking algorithm* as determined by a governance body of the Drupal association, select board members, and select community members.

*The algorithm will be described in general terms - specific details of weighting may be withheld to prevent gaming the system.

Upcoming changes

In January of 2017, we will implement the following changes. These changes expand the system beyond issue credits, to other kinds of contributions that organizations make to the Drupal ecosystem. The factors that will be included are:

  • Issue credits
  • Projects supported:
    • Organizations listed by maintainers as supporting organizations for projects will receive a small standing contribution credit.
  • Case studies:
    • Organizations will receive a small standing credit for Drupal 8 case studies submitted to
  • Supporting partner program:
    • Organizations who contribute to the supporting partner program will receive a standing credit proportional to their partner level.
    • We may also include a small standing credit for organizations who maintain a drupal association organization membership.

These changes have been reviewed by a committee from the Drupal Association board, and sent to the Community Working Group for feedback.


  • September 2015 - the marketplace ranking was altered from: alphabetical ascending to: issue credits in the last 90 days, descending.


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Love it. I'm quite excited to see these additional contribution types used in the calculation of organization credits. Following this!

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This has been deployed to production. A bigger explanation for the changes is at, which is the best place for further feedback right now.

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