How to reproduce:

Tried to add something to the outermost <ul> in menu.html.twig, but the line:

{% if menu_level == 0 %}
    {% if menu_level == 0 %}
      <ul{{ attributes.addClass('my-cool-class') }}>
    {% else %}
      <ul class="menu">
    {% endif %}

my-cool-class does not show up in markup, instead I only see <ul class="menu">.

It appears that when we pass 0 to the macro this if statement comes back as false.


wesruv created an issue. See original summary.

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If you change the first invocation of the macro to pass '0' (a string, instead of a number) and check for '0', that if statement will come back true.

We don't want to do that though, so I also tried:

    {% if menu_level|number_format == 0 %}

|number_format by default will strip off all decimal places. This worked, but seems odd that I have to do this.

Unsure of the best way to fix this, is appending |number_format acceptable for core?

Would it be better if we fixed something in twig so that 0 was an integer and didn't become a float (I'm assuming that's what's happening)?

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Perhaps try sameas for a strict comparison.

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Do you know where it's made a string?

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Blurg! This was my bad, I was convinced that the issue was that if statement.

The thing that got me debugging was a var I declared with {% set ... %} outside of the {% macro ... %} in menu.html.twig. It looks like the variables declared outside of in the same file macro don't make it inside.

In my debugging I was convinced 0 was getting turned into a float and == wasn't evaluating correctly.

Seems a bit odd that variables don't make it inside of macro's, but I suppose there's a reason. Not sure there's anything to do to alleviate confusion. Maybe Sensio Lab's docs page could mention how scope works in macro's, but that's nothing for us to do differently.


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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)
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Made documentation ticket in Sensio Labs docs since I could find anything documenting how scope works with macros.