People who review projects and receive credit on fixed issues are nonetheless not getting credit for it on their profiles nor, for affiliated organizations, in Marketplace rank. If such credit were shown gisle and klausi, for example, would have hundreds of credits for the Project Application project this year— or at least the dozens i've credited to them. Instead the Project Application project doesn't count towards anyone's issue credits, which certainly isn't helping the ongoing crisis of unreviewed or underreviewed applications. Clearly, klausi and gisle do the nearly-thankless (thanks!!!) work anyway, but credit should be given where credit is due, and it might provide others with a little extra motivation. (Companies! Application review is a great way to learn, and perhaps soon junior dev time directed there will also translate into marketplace rank.)


mlncn created an issue. See original summary.

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Title: Include issue credits given to users in the Project Application review queue on profile pages and Marketplace rankings » Allow more maintainers to grant credit

Credit on issues can currently assigned by project maintainers with “Write to VCS” access only. All the maintainers of the Project Applications queue have “Maintain issues”.

I think it would be okay to broaden access to assign credit to everyone with “Maintain issues”. For core this would broaden the number of people saving credit from the 13 committers (some retired, like me) to about 80 people, I think corresponding to people who have been in MAINTAINERS.txt. I’d want a comment from a core committer before going ahead and doing this.

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Thank you! To confirm:

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I’d like to avoid special behavior per-project, which is why I wanted to check on the impact on core before going ahead and changing the behavior.

It's possible to see and use the option to give credit, and for it not to work? (And this is expected?)

Yes, the UI shows for all logged-in users since it doubles as the commit message/command generator. Maintainers who are able to save credit on see a couple UI additions, the “Giving credit to …” text at the top of the fieldset, and “As a project maintainer…” help at the bottom of the fieldset.

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OK, great!

After making this issue, i noticed that #2666584: [Community Initiative Proposal] Project Applications Process Revamp specifically calls for this in the summary and so has decided on this i think, so for the purpose of the Project Application review process specifically, we could simply give project maintainers VCS access even though they won't use it, it seems.

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we could simply give project maintainers VCS access even though they won't use it

Yes, that would be a quick way to solve this for project applications.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Sending this message to all project maintainers, with the subject "Credit can be given for project application review":

As a maintainer of the Project applications project, you now have the ability to grant credit to other reviewers (including to yourself, for the final review). As with any project on, this credit will be reflected on personal and organizational profile pages, and in Marketplace rankings.

We have a year backlog, so if you have time yourself, or you have colleagues or organizations that may be encouraged to pitch in with this news, please let them know!

Projects to review, oldest first:

We are prioritizing security review:
This is the project application checklist we suggest applicants follow:
Here are the guidelines we give ourselves:

Note that this is in line with the Project Application Process Revamp proposal - - but is an interim fix, and the way credit is given or counted will likely change when the next step of the revamp is completed. In the meantime, please credit anyone who made useful contribution to reviewing a proposed module.

Thank you for all you do.



benjamin melançon

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Status: Fixed » Active

I think we still want to consider whether to actually also allow this for subsystem maintainers in core, so setting back to active.

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Since this needs feedback, I think this is a good status.

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I'm all for sub system maintainers to get credit for reviewing applications, most but likely not all are also project maintainers(though I know I wasn't for a year or two after becoming a core subsystem maintainer, thanks Brian).

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Everyone can now get issue credit when they review project applications, regardless of sub system maintainership, which is a core thing.

Currently you are a maintainer who can assign issue credit if you have “Write to VCS” maintainership of the project. This is in line with who gets to write the commit messages mentioning names when committing.

It may be helpful to have more maintainers be able to update the credit on issues. In particular, core has everyone from MAINTAINERS.txt able to “Maintain issues.” (That would have been a solution to the original issue report here, but that is solved another way now.)

I think this has the most impact for core, and I’m comfortable with contrib following core’s lead here.

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Ok may have misunderstood and still do what and from whom the feedback is needed for this issue?

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Mostly I’m looking for feedback from the expert creditors, the core maintainers.

Commitment from subsystem maintainers to follow the same crediting standards would be good to hear.