The latest version of wetkit seems to break the secondary menus moving up to the "Search and menus" section. In the previous version the sidebar menus (marked as "sidebar" in the menu block settings) move up into the hamburger menu on narrow displays. The latest version still shows them in the search and menus but also leave them displayed in the page content.

This is the wet docs for the types of menus we're using:

You can see this live on the site now.

Wanted to confirm this is a bug and not a change to how the wet specification deals with secondary menus.


minorOffense created an issue. See original summary.

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I was able to reproduce on a default install and switching the theme to "Internet".

Sorry about that. This is definitely a bug.

Upstream wet-boew has been experimenting with different placements for the section menu. However most of these changes were just for the gcweb theme.

The classes removed from the default layout should only have been removed for gcweb theme.

For now will post a revert commit patch here.

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Ok cool I'll try my hand at a patch. Probably sometime on Monday.

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Wow ok well in that case I'll give it a test and get back to you tomorrow.

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Status: Active » Fixed

I have pushed code so the class is still removed when leveraging the "gcweb" theme but all others themes the 'visible-md visible-lg' attributes remain.

  • sylus committed a7a597e on 7.x-4.x
    Fixed WetKit Panel Layouts for Issue #2799393 by sylus, minorOffense:...

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