Here is the Khmer translation for Drupal 6.x.


km_6.x.tar_.gz233.71 KBkhem


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Priority: Normal » Critical
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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.

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Status: Closed (fixed) » Fixed

This issue is showing fixed, but the Khmer language has not been uploaded. This issue shouldn't have been closed until it's been commited to CVS.

http://drupal.org/project/km still doesn't show Drupal 6.


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Status: Fixed » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)
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Please help how to install the khmer language

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yes, I tried to upload Khmer translation for new release but I go messages: "ERROR: There are no CVS tags for this module that do not already have a release associated with them.

To create a release, you must first create either a new CVS tag on one of the existing branches for this project, or you must add a new CVS branch.

Once you have created a tag or branch that should be used for your new release, try pressing the Retry link to continue."

I do not now how to create CVS tag, I have tried many times but I still cannot create CVS tag.

So Could you please help me about this or point me to the instruction about how to create CVS tag.

Thank in advance!

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Can you commit km_6.x.tar_.gz to CVS?
It should show up under drupal 6x http://drupal.org/project/km

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I could not commit km_6.x.tar_.gz to CVS? It seems my username not activated.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Active

Your username seems to be active. I'd suggest you skip using CVS entirely and instead apply to create a group at localize.drupal.org for this translation. You can avoid the tedious CVS process this way. See the bottom of http://localize.drupal.org/ Since you are the maintainer of the Khmer project on drupal.org, and I'm not seeing other Drupal translation works regarding Khmer, the group can be quickly created and you could import your translations.


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I already created: http://drupal.org/node/726440

So, I have to wait for import my translation? because now Khmer(km) team does not appear in http://drupal.org/project/issues/search/webmasters?text=language+to+l.d....