Social Widgets

Last updated on
15 November 2017

Social Widgets is part of the Social API. It provides a common interface for creating modules related to social networks' widgets, such as buttons, embedded content, etc.

Installing Social Widgets

Installing Social Widgets

  • Download and install social_api module
  • Download social_widgets module in your modules folder and enable 'Social Widgets'

After this, a table will be displayed at /admin/config/social-api/social-widgets. However, it will be empty as we have not enabled an implementer yet.

Installing a social network client module (implementer)

Now that you have successfully set up Social Widgets, you can install modules which are based on it. This is the full list of modules available:

Note: social networks will require using their APIs. Therefore, most of the implementers might require using composer to download the PHP SDKs, so make sure to review the implementers' installation guidelines