Hey all,

Thanks for a great module. The profile fields feature is great.

I'm using bio and the Automatic Nodetitles module. Upon submission of a new bio node at user registration, however, Automatic Nodetitles doesn't fire, so the title field ends up being set to smerrill instead of Steven Merrill, for example.

If the user goes in and edit their bio node once more, Automatic Nodetitles fires fine and their bio node gets replaced with the pattern set up there.

My best guess is this just a consequence of the node being submitted with node_submit() and node_save() - is this correct, or do you think there's a good way that I can get auto nodetitles to fire without hacking bio.module?


Steven 'Sven' Merrill


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Question, when your new users register for your site, is a new bio being created for them? I ask because in my case, it's not. After they reigster all they get is the basic profile page. Not sure why biography nodes aren't being created for them upon registration.