I have Bio module and OpenID module enabled. Bio ist set to create a bio node automatically if a new user account is created. This works well if the user account is created the common way.

But if a user account is created by the OpenID module (a user logs in using his OpenID), no Bio node is created. It would be very helpful if the automatic creation of bio node would happen in this case as well.




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hmm, i'm having this same issue. I built a custom profile template, and so I had to drag my bio module in using <?php print node_page_view(node_load(bio_for_user())); ?> Well, this works fine, but when somebody creates a new user account, and they go to their profile page, they see a screen full of php warnings because, of course they haven't created a bio yet, so there is infact nothing for the script to "drag in."

My question is, how did you get the bio module to automatically create a bio node upon a user account being created?!


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Created a workflow that automatically executes upon a user registering, creating the bio node. Does the trick. As for open id, I'd look into the workflow mod (if you're not already using it) as you can code custom work flows, and it also gives you the ability to engage a flow with the actions module.