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Views Advanced Routing is a module providing a custom display extender for Views allowing you to take advantage of Drupal 8's new routing system . You can set the defaults, requirements, and options for each route.

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Enable Views Advanced Routing

  1. Enable the module.
  2. Go to Administration -> Structure -> Views
    Click the 'Settings' tab.
    Click the 'Advanced' sub tab.
  3. Under Display extenders, enable the 'Route' checkbox.
  4. Save configuration.

Using Routes

  1. Open a view with a 'page' or 'feed' display.
  2. In the center column, a new 'Route' setting will be displayed. Click the link to set your custom route settings.
  3. Route YAML is in the same format as Drupals '*routing.yml' files. Strip top level YAML keys such as defaults, requirements, options. Input values directly into the textbox.
  4. Save the view.

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