Thank you again for your work on this!

If you do something like 1d6 - 1d6 you get really wild results.

Also, how do you add modifiers for something like a Fate dice roll? I tried:

I rolled 4d6.fate()+4, the result is -1, -1, -1, 0 = -3.

Also, 1d6 - 1d6 returns:

I rolled 1d6 - 1d6, the result is 6, -16 = -10.


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For one of these I can tell you straight up what's going on: 1d6 - 1d6 is not actually supported as an option. It currently gives you the result it does because it's reading that as: 1d6 - 16

Supporting that sort of complexity in the dice language grammar is harder than you might think and would call for a complete rebuild of the parser for the dice language as a whole. Is that a feature you really *need* or one that you can work around in the meantime?

For the fate dice... that is also not a currently supported feature. The .fate() option is there to flag how the dice read the d6 (as +1, -1, 0 instead of 1 thru 6). So I'm going to need a little more information about how you would expect a +4 to work into that. Would that be an adjustment afterwards to try to read up the ladder?

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

I built my own hack that I am pretty proud of. However, it's nothing like your flexible solution. I'm also using Font Awesome to display the actual dice faces and it stores the result (including the ladder adjective) as HTML in a non-editable field using field permissions. It's perfect for me, but totally inflexible for anything other than Fate/Fudge.