I'm involved in a site where we've got gmap user working as expected. The Gmap location block, however, is only showing on those pages in which the node author has entered (using the map) the lang/long coords. But instead of a map we are getting an empty box, as on this page: http://www.altglobe.com/men-circle.

I've checked all threads I can find regarding gmap issues of this sort. The map/node page http://www.altglobe.com/map/node correctly shows those locations for which coords have been entered. No auto generated ones, though. That feature does not appear to be working despite many events in which location data has been entered. (I presume they are generated from the names in the fields for city, state, country etc)

I've followed all the instructions at http://drupal.org/node/173115 such as:
Once location activated, you should go into admin/content/types then for each content type, edit it and activate the "locative information" section by putting at least 1 "default number of location" for this content type.
Then configure location module at "admin/settings/location", hide country selection and check "Use a Google Map to set latitude and longitude".
Configure GMap module "admin/settings/gmap" by putting your key.

I've tried the dev version and still no luck.

Any pointers towards a fix would be great.

Many thanks



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Hi there,

We are having the same issue... the system is not generating the longitude and latitude if those fields are left blank with the address fields filled in. However, everything works as expected if we manually enter the longitude and latitude.

Were you able to find a solution?


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I finally got this working on our site. I disabled gmap and gmap_location and tried to just get location module working. With the other two modules disabled, the geocoding was working... the system was generating the longitude and latitude. Once this was working, I re-enabled gmap and gmap_location and configured everything appropriately and it's now working!

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Could you explain which configuration you did to get this working ok?
Thanks a lot in advance for explaining.


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I've found that if you collect postal codes, the geocoding fails. It's a good idea when having difficulty geocoding addresses to try entering them straight into googlemaps.com to see if it can resolve the address first time. If there are any problems or ambiguity the geocoding will fail silently in some cases. Try disabling postal code collection, delete the locations you may have already saved, and recreate them.

Also make sure that the geocoding options are selected in admin/settings/location/geocoding.


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I can confirm that my experience is exactly the same as Dave the Brave (#4).

I didn't even realise I had to set up the geocoding as per above until it was pointed out. Thanks for everyone's contributions on this.

Best of luck!

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#4 fixed my issue. Saved me some hair pulling. Thank you!!!

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Version: 5.x-1.0-alpha1 » 7.x-1.x-dev

Thank you! This post saved my day.


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Thanks for the help and PS... The settings for geocoding for 7x are located at admin/config/content/location (took me a while to find)