Status message

This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Our business is promoting enterprise web sites and bring them to the next level.
We enhance our customer's business by creating solid web products mainly using Drupal.

ANNAI was established in 2007. Since then we have build several web applications for large companies and government administration offices.
We focus mainly on Drupal but we are comfortable using other technologies.
We contribute and promote open source projects by organizing events and meetups in Japan.


Our mission is to support smooth business and encouraging customer's business, serving useful and effective web solutions using Drupal-based web system.
We also promote the Drupal community in Japan and open source projects in general.
We are increasing the number of Drupal users in Japan which leads to an increase of Drupal developers too.
In overall we create a comfortable environment to build and develop web sites.
We are proud to see how the Drupal community in Japan is getting bigger and we look forward to increase it even more!


[Government, organizations]




[Enterprize Companies]

[Non Profit]



我々の強みはDrupalだけではなく他のオープン・ソースプロジェクトでもmeet upやイベント開催を通じて貢献するなど、他のテクノロジーも使用しているところにあります。




[政府, 団体]

G空間情報センター(AIGID, 総務省、国交省、東京大学)

・京都市: 京都市オープンデータポータル


・東京大学 国際高等研究所 カブリ数物連携宇宙研究機構 (Kavli IPMU ,Institute for the Physcs and Mathematics of the Universe)

・東京大学(アーバンデータチャレンジ データポータル)

・大阪大学 人間科学部・人間科学研究科

・Open PointCloud Map(名古屋大学)


・Ubicomp: 国際学会 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing

・LISRA: 位置情報サービス研究機構 Location Information Service Research Agency

・ThinkIT (インプレス・ホールディングス)

・NTT コミュニケーションズ IoTポータル(Drupal8)
・NTT コミュニケーションズ 開発者ポータル



・京都高度技術研究所 アステム(ASTEM)
・株式会社デジタル Pro-face (シュナイダーエレクトリック・グループ)


ANNAIはDrupalのmeetupを定期的に行い、Drupal Camp Japanの開催をリードいたしました。


DrupalCamp in Japan

定期的なDrupal meetup
毎月第三金曜日にDrupal Cafeを開催しています。



Drupal contributions

We organized the Drupal community to make Drupal the most popular CMS in Japan. (Drupal is not so popular CMS as Wordpress in Japan like that in the Europe and the US.) We hold regular meetup and organize Drupalcamp in Japan.

Drupal Japanese Community in Groups.Drupal.Org (Admin Group as qchan)

DrupalCamp in Japan
( " target="blank">organizer as Satoshi Kino ,Kyoko Ohtagaki and Sponsor as ANNAI)

Regular Drupal Meetups ( Organizer) (Organizer) (Organizer)

Drupal localization project (Japanese). (admin group)

Also we consult how to solve the issues during build the Drupal sites for all the Drupal users.
We contribute Drupal communities via these activities as one of the leargest leading company in Japan.