When the total rate is for example 3.5 stars, their display is corrupted. Please see the attachment.
It happens in Firefox and in internet explorer as well.

half rate.jpg1.18 KBEhud
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Looks like a potential CSS conflict, like something is causing the heart to be centered instead of on the left side. Does this problem occur when you switch your theme to Garland?

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Thanks for your reply. It looks like you are right.
I tested another environment with a regular Garland theme and it is ok. The problem is in the GarlandRTL theme.
I tried to edit the fivestar css file and change floating from left to right (and right to left), but it didn't help (it only positioned the whole widget on the right, which is good).
Can you please specify where i should change the alignment of the half star?
Thanks a lot.

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Title: Display problem when star number is not full » Add support for RTL languages
Category: bug » task

Ahhh, Fivestar has no actual support for RTL languages. Let's make that a feature request.

To get around the problem for now, you should be able to add additional CSS to your theme to float everything right instead of left (I think). But you'll still run into problems with the half star because it assumes you're starting from the left and moving right. We'll likely need to change the javascript to support going either direction.

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Thank you very much for your kind support.

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Good news, there aren't any JS changes necessary to get this working. It's all just CSS that needs to be worked out. I've committed RTL CSS files for Fivestar and all the widgets. Unfortunately though, GarlandRTL adds -rtl.css files but removes the normal CSS file. Drupal 6 works differently where RTL CSS files are added in addition to normal CSS files. So even though the RTL CSS files are now in place, GarlandRTL won't add the styles correctly. To try out the RTL CSS for Fivestar, you'll need to update the page.tpl.php file so that it adds CSS like this:

    if ($is_rtl) { // Check if the language of the current page is RTL.
      /* Load RTL styles in addition to default ones: */
      foreach($css as $media => $types){
        foreach($types as $type => $files){
          foreach($files as $file => $preprocess){
            $rtl_style = str_replace('.css', '-rtl.css', $file);
              $css[$media][$type][$rtl_style] = $preprocess;

This makes it so that -rtl.css files are added in addition to the normal CSS files, rather than replacing them.

Alternatively, you could just copy the contents of the -rtl.css files out of Fivestar and put them in your style.css file.

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Assigned: Ehud » Unassigned
Status: Active » Fixed

This task is already completed, though it requires some help from RTL themes. It's working quite nicely in D6 without any help.

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.