Last updated 10 December 2017.

Group organizers play a critical role in the success of groups. When organizers become unavailable, they can also become a bottleneck, preventing growth of a group. To avoid this, groups are encouraged to have multiple organizers. As membership grows, groups should also actively grow the list of organizers. Groups with more than 20 members and only one organizer will see an automatic suggestion to add more organizers.

See this link to know more about Abandoned Groups: Policy for Deleting a Group or Changing Its Manager


Some groups have good reasons to only have one organizer. If you feel your group falls in this category for whatever reason, you can simply ignore the recommendation.

For maintainers: adding more organizers

To add more organizers to your group, click the "$n members" link in the sidebar to go to the members list, then click "List" to switch to list mode. You can then add or remove admin capabilities by clicking the "Admin: Create" and "Admin: Remove" links in the table.


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