Last updated 31 January 2018.

If you are maintaining a project and would like to collaborate with other members of the community, you could team up with a co-maintainer. If for some reason you are not able to maintain your project any longer, you could find a new maintainer and transfer the whole project to them.

Here are some tips on how to find a new maintainer or co-maintainer for your project:

  1. Edit the project page and set the "Maintenance status" field to "Seeking new maintainer". Edit the "Development status" field if necessary, too.
  2. Open an issue in the Project Ownership queue with the Title set to "Seeking new maintainer for [My Project Name here]". Provide a link to your project and perhaps some words of explanation about your motivation and the situation of the project.
  3. Post an announcement on the project page itself that you are looking for a new maintainer / co-maintainer. Include a link to the issue you just created.
  4. Create an issue in your project's queue announcing that you are looking for a new maintainer/co-maintainer.
  5. You could also find people who consistently post issues or patches for your project in the queue and use their contact tab to ask if they are interested in maintainership. Alternatively, use the Open Ownership Pledge to tag some of the issues in your project's issue queue that you would like to see solved first by a potential new owner.

If you found a person to be your co-maintainer, you can usually grant them maintainer status without the help of a webmaster. If you want to transfer project ownership or lack the rights to add co-maintainers and the current owner cannot be reached, you can ask for webmasters' assistance in the issue you created on step 2.

For potential co-maintainers / new maintainers

If you'd like to help the community and team up with someone to maintain their project, take a look at the 'Needs maintainers' component of the Project Ownership issue queue. If there is any project, which looks interesting to you, just comment on the issue and suggest help.