Release info

Created by: vijaycs85
Created on: July 29, 2014 - 17:03
Last updated: September 8, 2015 - 15:48
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Security update, Bug fixes

Release notes

Fixes SA-CONTRIB-2014-073

- Update CHANGELOG.txt
- Issue [#106713@] by vijaycs85, heddn
- Issue #2310123: Fatal error in Migrate UI by Date Migrate Example by Temoor
- Issue #2142277: Infinite Loop When Using Repeating Dates by Temoor | lliss
- Issue #1871136: Cannot remove migrate example content type. by Temoor | funkimunky
- Issue #2261395: date_now is not respecting changes to timezone. by minorOffense | kristofferwiklund
- Issue #1832400: "The year/month/... is missing" error message is not translatable by imot3k, balintk
- Issue #998076: Problem with timezone handling (caused by date_get_timezone_db returning only UTC) by coredumperror, joelcollinsdc, brenk28
- Issue #1976014: Remove unnecessary   in date views pager by Harmageddon
- Issue #2198807: Refactor field tests to utilize DateFieldBasic by stickywes
- Issue #2146461: Translated field's label is not used in its validation messages. Assigned to: podarok by vijaycs85 | Razia_b
- Issue #1874422: Week pager may cause incorrect "next" link on year change by bluetegu, brockfanning, rv0
- Issue #2167015: HTML output breaks validation and accessibility Assigned to: podarok by schifazl:
- Issue #2200513: Fix encoding issues in CHANGELOG.txt by scor:
- Issue #2115377: Notice: Undefined index: add_microdata in theme_date_display_single() by coredumperror:
- Issue #2178299: incorrect variable name in hook_views_data_alter() by sandykadam | joachim:
- Issue #1431952: Date field will only set in Rules if it already has a value by Cadila | Shawn DeArmond:
- Issue #355058: Hardcoded day/month/week output format for theme_date_nav_title() by Grimreaper | prunelle:
- Issue #1968828: Replace field_info_fields() with field_info_field_map() for Drupal >= 7.22 by pjcdawkins:
- Issue #2167033: Fixing tests in 2014 Assigned to: vijaycs85 by podarok, vijaycs85: