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MD5: 5d76a5e020d3926aa3c516e426678700
SHA-1: 39d4c544909f0f1c40497b9f948e6db4c3da66b6
SHA-256: d1969c007f0461db473a211a58e82c9c53fb428d9c777d593ff9a03dc6112e8c
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MD5: 37f01af9001236286c849b27cdc20f3a
SHA-1: eb0a94006a2684b1b5e811ca10ce8037e025ad05
SHA-256: 54f954eb3bca2cbc25aaafceb349080643f2f6b2bb91ac77bfb7c6771dca46f9
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/date:^2.9'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: podarok
Created on: 8 Sep 2015 at 15:48 UTC
Last updated: 7 Apr 2017 at 10:48 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

2.9 stable release

Changes since 2.8

#1675844: The "Repeat" checkbox does not open / close the correct fieldset in some circumstances. Assigned to: paravibe
#1993110: field type not translatable
#2543442: Expose site-wide date input format in the UI
#2503315: Fatal error: Cannot unset string offsets in sites/all/modules/date/date/
#2072679: SQLSTATE[42S22] error and no results when multiple dates included in views filter
#1137062: date_week_range and date_iso_week_range both returns 1 day too much.
#1078788: Coder issues in Date
#2235393: CSS pseudoselector 'ends with' should not be used with the class attribute Assigned to: andrdrx
#206127: Add ability to sort Views exposed filters SELECT lists in reverse
#2451027: Migrate module: undefined index timezone error Assigned to: Chewie
#2372073: Undefined variable: granularity in date_views_plugin_pager->query() (line 285 of //modules/date/date_views/includes/
#1437892: Undefined index notices in date_popup.module and default values disappear
#2420323: Exposed date filter shouldn't automatically set a default date if none requested
#2374287: Error messageNotice: Undefined index: value in date_views_select_validate() (line 490 of ****/sites/all/modules/date/date_views/date_views.module).
#2199587: Second validation of date popup causes error
#2332181: Add update hook for date_views variables
#2371471: Error with entity_metadata_wrapper for Date Field with Start But No End
#2375605: When configured to use Date's timezone and using a muti-value date field, I expect each date field to remember the timezone that was set
#2359673: Wrong condition in removeGranularity method
#1166036: Showing the remaining days until event
#1885270: UTC time zone handling shows UTC, not converted, date/time
#2361671: Notice returned in date_default_formatter_settings_summary when using custom settings
#2367595: 'r' formatter produces RFC2822-incompliant results in non-English environment
#2026811: Views argument in contextual filter doesn't have all granularity options
#1467712: Make it possible to disable fieldset for date field
#2279831: Date field validation breaks if it's coming from a Panels visibility rule
#1878970: Entering 4 digit year manually. Extra spacing at beginning/end is not trimmed, results in validation error.
#1487700: Views date pager, option to skip empty pages.
#1997774: Update Time Entry plugin to 1.5.2
#1909566: Devel generate fails for date fields with absolute years in ranges
#1246940: Add more custom formats for Date Popup Assigned to: andreyks
#2367779: Regression in date_popup.js after code cleanup Assigned to: andreyks
#2367791: Extra white space before full stop on Repeat title.
#2277107: Date API's Status report entry repeats the word "to"
#2238135: 0 (zero) time value will be rejected
#2325425: Trim input dates in date_popup
#2366199: sniffer fixes Assigned to: vlad.dancer
#2366199: sniffer fixes Assigned to: vlad.dancer
#2313587: Incorrect permission name
#2323191: Issue with testing
#2309015: views date field exposed filter default value not being added in $form_state['input'] when initially views loads
#2294973: Date format in calendar title remains default (e.g., month view date shows as July 1, 2014)


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