Strange problem here, the 'Submit' button only on the modr8 queue page only appears to work for people visiting our site via Firefox; while the button does show for IE users, and has the little 'click' animation when clicked, nothing actually happens.

Any ideas?


#10 fivestar-5.x-1.11_modr8_form_teaser.patch555 bytesdavej
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odd- though this could be a core Forms API bug - what version of Drupal do you have running? Do other forms on your site work right in IE7? Is there another form on the same page as the modr8 form?

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The site is running on Drupal 5.7 though this started a while ago (5.5 iirc). I've built a profile for testing with no blocks or forms visible or running etc. so the only button on the page is the Modr8 submit, and even then it's still the same.

It's the only page / button on the entire site I can find which has this odd bug too so It's quite a mystery tbh.

To be thorough, I've tried the same thing with Safari and it's fine on that browser too.

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Perhaps this is the same problem? http://drupal.org/node/189553

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Interesting, they sound like identical symptoms with the only difference being I don't use Activeedit.

The submit button used to work perfectly, so maybe I'll try disabling mod by mod on my test server and see if the functionality returns at some point.

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I've tracked down the conflicting module; it's with the 5 Star mod - http://drupal.org/project/fivestar

I'm unable to work out exactly why it's failing only on IE, but what ever it is, if Fivestar is enabled, the Modr8 submit button ceases to function.

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Project: modr8 » Fivestar
Version: 5.x-2.3 » 5.x-1.x-dev
Component: User interface » Code

ok, well maybe Eaton can tell us if there is a conflicting form_alter or some such.

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Hi Dinis, that is indeed a strange symptom. Fivestar doesn't do anything with buttons on the page other than hide the ones for fivestar widgets, in which case they're not visible at all. Are there fivestar widgets being displayed on the page? Also check if jquery.rating.js is loaded on the page and if the form submits properly if javascript is disabled.

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Howdy, thanks for the quick response.

I've tested as requested and can confirm that the Fivestar widgets display on the Modr8 submission page.

There is a temporary workaround in the Fivestar options in Content Types; Selecting the "hidden" option for teasers for any content which needs to be Modr8ed prevents the Fivestar widget from displaying on the Modr8 page.

Keep up the good work with these modules guys :)

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Title: 'Submit' button not working in IE7 » Modr8 'Submit' button not working with Fivestar in IE7

When the teaser list at admin/content/modr8 contains Fivestar widgets, this means there are forms nested within the modr8 form. So I suspect that IE is being tripped up by this invalid HTML structure. If this is the cause then the solution involves not displaying Fivestar widgets in contexts where they are within an existing form.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Needs review
555 bytes

Luckily modr8 sets a flag on nodes displayed in modr8_form, so there's a simple fix to hide fivestar widgets in this form. Patch attached.

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Many thanks,

I'm going with a new production build tonight so too late to make this one, but I'll add it to the test server on Monday (all going well over the weekend) and let you know how it works out.

Cheers again for the support and these terrific mods.


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I'll have to look - maybe modr8 itself should be making sure that $node->in_preview == TRUE

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oh, wait - it's not in preview, it's a teaser.

Also, perhaps a broader fix would invovle changing the name of the modr8 submit button? How doe Fivestar decide which button(s) to hide?

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Status: Needs review » Fixed

I believe davej was correct in his assessment. The forms inside of forms bug seems to be keeping IE7 from operating correctly. Even with JavaScript disabled the modr8 form still won't submit. Given the options, I think hiding the widget entirely is about as good as we can get. I've applied the patch in #10, slightly tweaked to use isset() so we can avoid unnecessary PHP notices.

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@quicksketch - maybe we need to think about a core patch? For example, we could at least suppress the building of an additional form if we are in the middle of a different form?

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@pwolanin - This is something I would like to see too :)

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.