Hi there,

Seeing as this module seems to be the only slideshow module that does touch friendly stuff I decided to "try" and use to it to build a simple slideshow using views, however the project page contains some text stating that views integration is now in the module "flexslider_views_slideshow", when installing this module its description states "not functional" and indeed doesnt seem to do anything.

The views display plugin in the parent Flexslider module behave somewhat better (I can at least set it up how i think it should work) but again doesnt actually output a slideshow using views.

I even tried the example plugin to no avail.

Now as the documentation for this module seems to be sparse (this isnt a criticism, i know how hard it is to get docs sorted when the mod isnt even done yet) does anyone have a working example of a simple slideshow using views. In my instance what im after is:

content type with multi value image field on it

view set to show content types image field as flex slideshow with touch friendly interface.

Thanks for your time.


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