DatabaseStorage can create the table itself. And this will make the patch over in #2262861: Add concept of collections to config storages smaller since that changes the DatabaseStorage schema.

remove-config-snapshot-schema.patch6.09 KBalexpott
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There was some discussion about this in the issue that switched to the database backend, @sun was against this if I remember correctly, but since it was required on some cases, we now have a mixed case..

Looks fine to me but we should check the discussion/reason in the issue that added it..

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So we added the auto table creation in #2161591: Change default active config from file storage to DB storage - config_snapshot is not mentioned at all in that issue. Auto generation was added in comment #59 - @sun expressed reservations but in back #88 it was re-introduced by @pwolanin after discussion with @sun.

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Yes, you're right, this relies on the functionality of the database storage to create whatever table name you pass it to, and if we do it for the normal table, then it's only consistent to do it here too.

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Committed/pushed to 8.x, thanks!

  • Commit 7bc7920 on 8.x by catch:
    Issue #2263273 by alexpott: Config_snapshot table can be created by the...

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