How do i get rid of this error without removing my subpath files?



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Without more info, I’m not going to be able to figure out what is going on. Make sure you followed all the steps when you created a sub-theme.

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Hi mimetic2

This is not a bug, there is a mistake in the Zen subtheme docs (, which you probably followed. You want to change path_to_zentheme() call to path_to_theme(), not path_to_theme() to path_to_subtheme(). See my comment:

The comments inside the zen template.php are also contradictory to the docs.

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Pawel, please don’t confuse the Drupal 6 version with the Drupal 5 version of Zen.

There is no mistake in the documentation. The online documentation is for Drupal 5 (note the “Drupal 5.x” category text in the top right corner of the page). And mimetic’s question is about the Drupal 5 version.

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I'm getting this as well.

I'm following a video tutorial @:

working off a vanilla install of drupal 5.7

I've renamed the zen folder as per the tutorial to 'zen-theme'.

I get the error (via console):

Call to undefined function path_to_subtheme() in (path_to_drupal)/drupal57_theme/sites/all/themes/zen-theme/zen_classic/template.php on line 79

when I clicked on the zen theme in the site building>themes

and now the entire site doesn't work due to the error.

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James, I just looked at the video. It is talking about Zen 5.x-0.6, so it’s really out-of-date.

Please follow the online instructions: Also, “zen-theme” is NOT a valid sub-theme name; again, see the online docs.

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changing the folder name back to simply 'zen' has fixed it.

Thanks very much for your quick response.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.

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Same here. If you're using Zen theme for Drupal 6 you must replace all

Make sure you remove all of them inside pages, blocks and so on.
path_to_subtheme() isn't needed anymore with Drupal 6. Source: