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League is a sport tournament management module developed over Drupal 7 standards.

We are defining entities, nodes, taxonomies and custom tables to handle the solution. Basically, unique contents are entities, support data are tables, others are nodes.

  • Defined new entities as cornerstones: match and person (player, refferee).
  • Groups and teams are nodes.
  • Listings defined over views.
  • Events store data for statistics: goals or points, red cards, etc
  • Tables for round robins are build over event data.
  • Season -> League -> Category relies on taxonomies, node reference or OG.

The idea of the entity person is to define the basic bundles, like “player”, and give the ability to add subtypes (like goalkeeper) as taxonomy.

Supported sport tournaments are based on round robin, brackets or a mix of both.

Code has been divided into modules with a basic league module and functionality spreaded in sub-modules, so you can enable only what you need, but also because the logic behind is to have a scalable platform with hooks to improve existing entities.


Module Description
league General settings, common functions
league_game Define an entity for games
league_person Defines a person entity for players, refferees, coaches, etc.
league_events Defines events for the games: substitution, red/yellow cards, goals, points. Create statistics of events.
league_minute Create a minute by minute stream
league_tables Create positioning tables based on events and context (example: all games in og #1)
league_lineup Administer start lineups and substitutions
league_extras Widgets and extra functionallity, for now access control for team owners.
league_og Integrate with Organic Groups, allowing to define groups
league_og_context Integrate context and persistent URLs to allow multitournament sites.

For a live site using this modules check this World Cup Site:

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Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.