I'm testing the Marc module and I can see that I can only choose CCK types to import MARC Records in.
Biblio module allows entries to have types (magazine article, book etc.), but this type is not shown in the node view nor in the list of entries
I think that would be great to add Biblio types to Marc module, as well as the CCK Types.

Do you think that would be possible?


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Sounds good. I think the module needs some more direction. It works for what we are using it for but I am interested in what would be useful for other people.

A problem might be that item type is not really explicitly stated in the MARC record, there is the GMD and the format information in the leader but it might take some work just to figure out the logistics of mapping the different fields in the MARC record to item types. It seems like someone must have done this already.

But I'll put this at the top of the list of stuff to work on. Let me know if you have any other ideas.

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I think that you only need to ignore that problem. If I have many Biblio Types, I know what type want to import to. Some files to import would be from one type and other files would be from other type. Your module already manages that, defining different types for differents MARC records (and different fields in each type).

If you want to manage this problem you must consider that the GMD (245|h) changes from your language (English) to my language (Spanish). For example, the maps would be "map" in English and "mapa" in Spanish. You can't use it to assign the node type of the MARC records. (http://www.loc.gov/marc/makrbrkr.html)
Perhaps the admin can assign the Node type automatically in function of the GMD value?

I have some other ideas, but I'll open a new "feature request" for every one ;)

Thanks for your fast reply.

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The best solution is probably to upgrade Biblio to support fields (CCK).

#682044: Support fields (CCK) in D7 Bibliography Module