Dear IMCE maintainers,

First of all thank you for developing such a great module. Before I host my website on HostGator, I was using Drupal Acquia as my local host and the IMCE module was working perfectly fine with the WYSIWYG module whereby I can upload images, resize and etc. However, once I upload my website on HostGator, I can no longer resize the image and whenever I want to resize an image, an AJAX HTTP error which is the picture that I have uploaded in this post occurred. Please help me to resolve this issue. Thank you in advance!

AJAX.jpg108.28 KBjacktiong92
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The following things may be a reason,
1. In proper Ajax call in any custom module - Try add drupal_exit() in end of all the Ajax callback.
2. Some special characters in starting of any of your module or theme files before the php opening tag(^<?php).
3. Some wrong drupal_goto() writen and it may be having the loop/redirection making Ajax call fail / redirect.