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Previously, drupal.base.css contained numerous reset styles along with some default styles for tables and inputs. drupal.base.css was formerly named system.base.css.

The reset styles stripped default styling of HTML elements: for example setting all margins and padding to zero, as the defaults can vary between browsers. In contrast, normalize's approach is to set intelligent defaults that work consistently across browsers: for example providing the same margins and padding for elements, rather than zero margins and padding.

Read more about normalize.css.

Modified versions of the table and input styles in system.base.css have been moved to Seven and Bartik's style.css files: these styles are no longer loaded by default for every theme.

  • normalize.css is now loaded by default for all themes, rather than drupal.base.css: this changes the default styling for HTML elements and could affect the appearance of elements in themes and modules
  • If you want to include a different version of normalize.css, you can do so in your theme's info.yml file as follows:
      - normalize.css
  • To remove normalize.css entirely, you can do so as follows:
      - normalize.css
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