I did some work at porting this module to drupal 8.
The administrative part is working, and the menus are created with the correct classes, but i still need help with javascript.
If someone want to help, the current work is in https://github.com/yukare/dhtml_menu-d8.


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It would be great if someone with JavaScript experience had time to take a look at @yukare's attempt at a D8 version :-)

The code can be found at the DHTML Menu Drupal 8 Contrib Porting Tracker.

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The Drupal module 'Upgrader'


I wish the following information
was something that I was even remotely
qualified to use, since DHTML Menu
is the only contrib module I use on my D7 sites,
and I look forward to moving up to D8
as soon as possible.

If anyone knows of a existing module for D8
that would replace the expandable/collapseable
menus I use in my D7 Book Navigation block,
please advise. Thanks.


All I know about the module
Drupal Module Upgrader
is what was presented at
DrupalCon 2016 NOLA (New Orleans, LA USA)

The video speaks of the module
starting at 50-minutes 12-seconds...

"It will do its best to convert
a Drupal 7 module to a Drupal module
for you."

The video is at YouTube at:

The drupal.org page for that presentation
which includes a link to the slideshow slides
is at:

A Google search might help, and will
include a 5-minute YouTube video link
as the 5th or 6th result:
Google search for drupal module upgrader (This link opens in a new tab/window.)

I assume the module 'Drupal Module Upgrader'
is in fact the one spoken of in the DrupalCon video,
but I base that assumption solely on the results
from the Google search above.

"Drupal Module Upgrader"



DHTML-Menu has a home away from drupal.org,
but even though the site is in English,
it may as well be in a foreign tongue
since I do not speak 'programming'.

DHTML menu, javascript menu, css drop down menu for your Website! ~ dhtml-menu.com (This link opens in a new tab/window.)


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Guys, anyone mentoring this task for GSoC? I am interested in doing this project, but no mentor for this project yet :)

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Akash Krishnan (akashkrishnan):

I hope and pray that you are able to get 'DHTML Menu' operational for Drupal 8, since that is what is keeping me from Upgrading from D7 to D8, given that DHTML Menu is the back-bone of my user's navigation on my sites. You would be my hero : o)

PS: Possibly helpful links...

I grabbed a copy of someone's attempt to port DHTML Menu to D8 months ago from github, I think it was, but I can not seem to locate that page again.

Possibly somewhat related code found via google search

Others who might help you?

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I just noticed that the Drupal 8 'Administration Toolbar' (id="toolbar-administration") from the 'Manage' tab, when it is used as a horizontal menu on the left side of the page, has the functionality I seek.

(...or at least it is close to being perfect. I wish a previously expanded menu would stay open, until the user manually closes it.)

If anyone can tell me how to get that functionality to work with the 'Book navigation' menu, I would be forever in your debt.

Also, I am keenly well aware that if I indent nested menus to a book's maximum depth of 8 or 9 levels, I am restricted to using the 'Book navigation' menu in the same column as the main content of the page, because of the width restrictions associated with trying to use it in a sidebar.

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Christopher James Francis Rodgers (zzr_cjfr),

Since this issue was mentioned in 2017's GSoC task wiki, also I am interested in this project. I hope you will help me out this summer to fix it ;)

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Is there any issue in the github repo, because the link is not working?

Is there any mentor available for this project, I'm interested!

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I am very interested in doing this project. Trying to take it up for GSoC 2017.
The github link provided, does not work. Can you please share the updated one?
Looking forward to start working on this project. It is really interesting and a challenging, yet fun task.

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