Usual workflow on the admin/build/simpletest page is :
1 - Run tests : Hit 'Begin' again
2 - Look at the results at the top of the page
3 - If errors, fix the code in the module (or in the test...)
4 - Goto 1 : Scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit 'Begin' again.

Having the 'Run tests' fieldest replicated at the top of the page would avoid repetitive 'scroll to bottom'.


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Oooo. +1. I usually do Ctrl+R and hit "OK" on the error from Firefox that warns me I'm about to re-submit POST values. Faster, but pretty clunky. ;)

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This patch should do the trick. Though I must admit it looks kinda weird. Maybe we could only show it when results are displayed or something similar. Visiting this page for the first time someone may wonder what that begin button does.

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Status: Active » Needs review
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Here is a patch that places the run fieldset at the top and bottom.

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Isn't #230269: Running tests directly via URL a better solution for this workflow problem?
(so this issue can be closed?)

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Status: Needs review » Closed (won't fix)

@#5: wouldn't help for running multiple tests.

This is solved with 7.x themed form which should be ported at some point.