Hi all

I am using
IMCE 6.x-2.5
Wysiwyg 6.x-2.4
IMCE Wysiwyg API bridge 6.x-1.1
Tinymce 3.4.9

When I click "upload" (in Chrome or IE 10) the upload circle icon spins (screenshot below) but the image is not uploaded and there is no error message. I can upload images by FTP. This used to work so I don't know what has caused it to stop working. All my modules are up to date.

Any ideas please?



insert image 3.jpg121.35 KBJuc1


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I am having the exact same issue. I go to upload an image with IMCE and Chrome will show the percentage uploaded until 100%. At that point is completes with no error message but also no file on the server.

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Please read similar issues
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Try disabling any development module you are using.