The following notice shows up when the comment module is disabled.

Notice: Undefined index: comment in editableviews_views_data_alter() (line 102 of public_html/sites/all/modules/contrib/editableviews/

The patch eliminates it

#4 0001-remove-warnings-when-comment-module-is-disabled.patch1.19 KBdrone.ah
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0001-remove-warnings-when-comment-module-is-disabled.patch1.24 KBdrone.ah
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The patch works for me.

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Thanks for the patch! I guess this is caused by field instances that haven't been deleted when a module is disabled.

Just a few tweaks to make it more readable:

It's actually fine to check all the levels of the array at once. So we only need the second isset() as it will check for both array levels.

Also, patch has a whitespace change that's crept in.

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I've removed the redundant isset statement but I can't find the whitespace error... :-/ can you be more specific?

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Committed. Thanks!

git commit -m "Issue #2089521 by drone.ah: Fixed notice for fields on missing entity types." --author="drone.ah "

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.