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Certain entity types, like user roles, filter formats, taxonomy vocabularies, and languages, all have a need for a specific ordering.
To make that easier, a specific subclass of EntityListBuilder was added, \Drupal\Core\Config\Entity\DraggableListBuilder.

In order for the controller to work properly, the entity type must have an weight entity key set in their entity type annotation.

To use the draggable list controller, a subclass needs to be created and specified in the entity type annotation. That subclass needs to implement getFormId() and very likely override buildHeader() and buildRow().

 * Provides a listing of user roles.
class RoleListBuilder extends DraggableListBuilder {

  public function getFormID() {
    return 'user_admin_roles_form';

  public function buildHeader() {
    $header['label'] = t('Name');
    return $header + parent::buildHeader();

  public function buildRow(EntityInterface $entity) {
    $row['label'] = $this->getLabel($entity);
    return $row + parent::buildRow($entity);

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