when I try to load the root directory it throws an ajax error (404).
Ein AJAX-HTTP-Fehler ist aufgetreten.
HTTP-Rückgabe-Code: 404
Im Folgenden finden Sie Debugging-Informationen.
Pfad: /de/file/imce/node/page/field_bild_left?jsop=navigate&dir=.
Statustext: Not Found
Antworttext: 404 Not FoundNot FoundThe requested URL "/de/file/imce/node/page/field_bild_left?jsop=navigate&dir=." was not found on this server.
I tried the url manually and it says
file not found
imce finds all directories, but not "."

I´m working since friday on this issue and i tried much things (secure pages and google analytics suggestions too).
I´m on Acquia Cloud. IMCE is working on other Drupal installations (other Hostingprovider) as intended. I don´t know if this is really a bug so please change the category pls, when it´s not a bug :-)
Best regards
Lars jendrzejewski


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Category: bug » support
Priority: Major » Normal

It seems the menu path /de/imce is not active. Try accessing /imce. If it is accessible then there is something wrong with your language paths. Try also clearing the menu cache to make sure all menu paths are build correctly.

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Hi thank you for your answer.
/imce is also not accessible and of course i cleared all caches.
As a reminder: all other directories are working
for example

only the root directory is not working

Best Regards

P.S.: On Acquia you have no direct access to the file system. Could it be an issue of directory rights?

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/imce path should not return 404. Some servers redirect to 503.shtml for internal errors and it results in a 404 error. Check if that's the case. You may find an answer in your web server's error log.

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the problem was the fast 404 module. Perhaps I find a solution running fast 404 and imce. I will write infos down here.
Best Regards
Lars Jendrzejewski

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Similar situation here, disabled Fast 404 module (as suggested in #4) and that solved the problem.