I'm looking for developer who can implement bonus calculation functionality for users.

Here how it should work:

-User1 can get for example 2% bonus.
-User2 has for example 100 points.
-Then bonus for User1 is calculated: User2 points * User1 bonus % * level x%

There are different levels of bonuses:

Level1 x% bonus: User1 gets amount x% of bonus from three users who have registered after User1. So User1 gets bonus from User2, User3 and User4.

Level2 y% bonus: User1 gets amount y% of bonus from nine who have registered after User1, User2, User3 and User4. Like this: User1 gets bonus from User5, User6, User7, User8, User9, User10, User11 and User 12.

There are 9 levels and it continues like explained above. Users are multiplicated by 3 so users where User1 gets bonuses are: 3, 9, 27, 81.. etc.

I was thinking about to use Computed field, Rules, Userpoints and View modules to this. Drupal core is 7.

For more spesific information email to me if you are intrested
Contact: dev@helemi.com