I just installed the latest version of Fitvids and enabled him no CKEditor shows editor internet explorer 9. In Firefox and Chrome no problem.
It happens with all themes, Bartik, Seven, Corporate clean ..... etc
I have the following modules:
Drupal core 7.23
FitVids 7.x-1.14
Libraries API 7.x-2.1
jQuery Update 7.x-2.3
CKEditor - WYSIWYG HTML editor 7.x-1.13 with ckeditor 4.2 full
I'm using the correct version of fitvids from https://raw.github.com/davatron5000/FitVids.js/master/jquery.fitvids.js

Any suggestions?

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Are there any error messages? (look in F12 Developer tools → Console)

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I do not see any errors :(

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I'm experiencing this error as well. I've isolated the problem to line 33 of jquery.fitvids.js ref.parentNode.insertBefore(div,ref);, but I'm not sure what the solution is.

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Ok. Ignore my previous comment.

I'm still not sure what the problem is exactly, but I do have a temporary fix that makes it so that ckeditor (and wysiwyg in my case) are functional in internet explorer (I'm having this problem in all versions of IE). The problem seems to be that fitvids() is being called on every page and on pages that ckeditor runs on there is some sort of conflict. My temporary fix is to edit fitvids.js in the Fitvids module (see attached patch) and also to set the Fitvids configuration to not run on pages that need ckeditor, such as body:not(.page-admin, .page-node-add).

This temporary fix does not help in cases where you need fitvids and ckeditor on the same page.

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Thanks for the reply. I will test the patch to see if it solves my problem.
Of moment with ckeditor 3.6.4 version is displayed correctly. The problem must be with the latest versions of ckeditor.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Patch # 4 Tested. Works for me with ckeditor 4.2.1 full.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Status: Closed (fixed) » Active

Making this active again as the patch in #4 does not apply in cases where you need both fitvids and ckeditor working on the same page.

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Anyone know how to disable fitvids only when IE is detected? Or better yet, disable fitvids when a desktop version of IE is detected?

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#3 is correct. That line in the javascript adds a div into the head tag. If you change the code to add it to the body then it all works fine in IE.

The reason there are no javascript errors is because there aren't. Ckeditor doesn't show up because there is a css class .cke which is set to visibility:hidden. This class seems to change its cascade order depending on if fitvids is installed. So ckeditor loads just fine... you just can't see it. You can toggle that class off and see that it displays.

Something about that div in the head makes IE do this.

Here are some screen shots of the IE dev tools (more specific is at the bottom).

Without Fitvids
Without Fitvids

With Fitvids
With Fitvids

What to do with this information... I'm not sure yet.

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I created an issue in the fitvids library repo on github if you want to follow along. https://github.com/davatron5000/FitVids.js/issues/147

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For those that are experiencing this due to having the fitvids module enabled here's what to do to fix it:

1. Go to edit the fitvids configuration page: admin/config/media/fitvids
2. Change the video container value from 'body' to '.field-type-text-with-summary .field-item'.

If your theme uses different classes than '.field-item', then use one that comes before the video embed but after the '.field-type-text-with-summary'. What you're trying to do is target a container that is used on the node display layout and not on the node/edit and node/add forms.

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I can not get it to work properly with the latest versions of ckeditor.... :(
Finally, with the 3.6.4 version of ckeditor works well.

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Here's a quick hack:
1. edit sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/skins/moono/editor_ie.css
1. change .cke_chrome{visibility:inherit} to .cke.cke_chrome{visibility:inherit}

This increases the specificity of the cke_chrome rule, and should mean the editor is shown.

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#15 fixed it for me. Thanks for that.

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I've added a stylesheet to the module to fix the ckeditor problem (and so you won't have to hack the ckeditor css files).

Download the new dev release and try it out.

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Latest DEV version resolves the issue for me, thanks

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Latest dev version fixed this for me as well. Thanks.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Great, thanks for testing the dev version.

A new release 7.x-1.15 is now ready to download!

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Version: 7.x-1.14 » 7.x-1.15
Status: Closed (fixed) » Needs work

According to my tests, this does solve the CKEditor not showing up, but options within the CKEditor toolbar which use a dropdown (like the "HTML Block Elements" or "Styles"), do not work in IE (tested in IE9 and IE10).

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There is another thread here: https://drupal.org/node/2244835

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Just in case anyone needs this right away, I've posted a temporary fix here: https://drupal.org/comment/8697945#comment-8697945

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Title: Ckeditor does not show in explorer 9 » Ckeditor does not show in Explorer ( IE9, IE10, and IE11 )