I would like the process of inserting an image that links to a larger image in a lightbox to be simplified, and for the uploaded image code to work without saving the node first and then going back to insert the image.


My ideal process would be:

1. upload an image to seperate inline image upload form
2. click insert image (custom sized image)

(I would like there to be the option to automatically place a link around the img code that links to the original image (or other specified size), and also has optionally the the rel="lightbox" code added to the link code.


my actual process:

1. upload an image to seperate inline image upload form

2. save the node, mark as unpublished (I would like to skip this step too but the image doesn't show if I don't save it first.

3. click edit

4. click insert image (custom sized image)

5. insert 'link to file'

6. cut and paste the img code in place of the standard link to file text

7. manually write this code into the anchor text: rel="lightbox" so that the larger image is displayed in a lightbox


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You may have better luck using the colorbox module. It automatically adds styles to the list so that you can more easily create thumbnails that link to the original image in a colorbox.

For example, using the default image styles of Thumbnail, Medium, and Large, it will add Colorbox thumbnail, Colorbox medium, Colorbox large. Inserting one of those automatically makes the image a link that clicks to the original (default you provide) in a lightbox.

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