I need a module that will integrate Drupal Commerce with QuickBooks Online. Primarily, it will just need to push new orders into QBO as sales receipts (and create new QBO customers as necessary), and push updates to existing orders into QBO. I'm happy to discuss more specs and research I've already done for the module over e-mail. Please contact me via the contact tab in my profile. Thanks!

PS - This sandbox module may be of use, although it appears to have been developed for the desktop version of QuickBooks: https://drupal.org/sandbox/stephen.colson/1100862


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Here is an existing solution: http://www.webgility.com/carts/quickbooks-integration-drupal-commerce.php (I have no connection with them, just found the link searching for "Drupal Quickbooks").

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...and their software is terrible. Constant bugs, awful customer service, spaghetti code, developers who have no clue what they're doing, etc. It's taken more energy to deal with the problems their software causes than is worth it—hence our wanting to have a custom module built.

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maybe try to integrate https://github.com/consolibyte/quickbooks-php into Drupal?

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