I'm trying to figure out hot to use Generic Entity Patch https://drupal.org/node/1033202 to import external images from direct image URL:s. Is all needed features built in Feeds or should I combine this with other (stream wrapper?) module. Goal is make local copies of files from external image URL:s.
Anyone ?


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Title: External image support in Generic Entity patch » External image support in Generic Entity Processor patch
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File entity is patched with https://drupal.org/node/1430190 to provide field mappings for files.
I have set Feed Fetcher (Feeds FetchXML https://drupal.org/sandbox/petria/1916146) and Feeds XpathParser to provide mappings for File URI (witch is external) and and File Title. Files entities get created, but it just don't fetch external images for imagecache. There must be something missing?

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@kreynen: Thanks.

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