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Release info

Created by: amitaibu
Created on: August 7, 2013 - 18:12
Last updated: November 20, 2013 - 20:18
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-2.2:

  • SA-CONTRIB-2013-065 - Organic Groups - Access Bypass
  • On private groups, assume "needs approval" for new subscribers, even if the permission is set to "does not need approval".
  • Throw exception if group access field exists only on the group content, but not on the group.
  • #2042163 by RoySegall, tstoeckler: The admin "Add user to group" form allows to select invalid group audience fields.
  • #2044797 by RoySegall, Amitaibu: Allow having variables instead of fields
  • #2046895 by dixon_: Use correct group type in OgSelectionHandler::getGidsForCreate()
  • #2016063 by Amitaibu: Use og_get_permissions() in permissions page
  • #1997808 by joachim: Fixed With Strict node access disabled, user can't create nodes without core permission.
  • #2013022 by hefox: Added Don't both with doing the entity_metadata_wrapper()/private check when () is true.
  • #1992238 by jastraat: Added Keep OG context on webform pages.
  • #2011182 by hefox: Check $account->uid == $node->uid before og_user_access_entity("$op own $type content", 'node', $node, $account)
  • #2011220 by hefox: Limit to 1 the call to entityreference_get_selection_handler($field, $instance)->getReferencableEntities() in og_node_access
  • #1865892 by eft: group membership field UI description texts misleading
  • Merge branch '7.x-2.x' of git.drupal.org:project/og into 7.x-2.x
  • #2007726 by Amitaibu: Fixed og_context() should validate IDs after calling entityreference_prepopulate_get_values_from_url().
  • #1998360 by wundo: og_user_access documentation is not marking optional parameters as optional
  • #1992430 by wundo: og_ungroup documentation is currently wrong
  • #1911738 by balagan: The overriden title in view og_user_group is '%1 groups'
  • #1993486 by rlmumford: Errors if a User account has no permissions for a particular group.
  • #1784118 by DuaelFr, Amitaibu: "Required" not enforced for Group Audience fields using new complex OG widget
  • #1995504 by danylevskyi: Fixing optional parameters docs in og.module
  • #1997278 by joachim: missing docs for og_get_all_group_bundle()
  • Re-export Message from OG-example.
  • #1986126 by joachim: og_get_user_roles_name() crashes if the optional parameter is omitted
  • #1982798 by Amitaibu, jsagotsky: Orphan worker queue doesn't delete ids and gets stuck.
  • #1982568 by RoySegall: Adding test to "Wrong group-audience values"
  • #1983090 by NofarG, Amitaibu: Allow og_group() to return a non-saved membership object.
  • #1979320 by DamienMcKenna: Undefined index: #bundle in og_form_alter()
  • #1981620 by Amitaibu: Fixed Wrong group-audience values when editing a node with ER-prepopualte with admin user.
  • #1966748 by Angry Dan: Fixed Multiple fields appearing on add member form when groups of more than one entity type exist.
  • #1975844 by itamar: Create hooks for notifying when OG role permissions are changed
  • #1976370 by RoySegall: Adding test to the non members publishing content option
  • #1975844 by itamar: Add hooks for notifying when OG role permissions are changed.