Drupal 8 is has been released and the port of Zen to D8 isn't done yet.

Proposed resolution

Do it! And anyone can help!

Remaining tasks

Required tasks:

  1. Complete and release 7.x-6.0, which has component-ized its CSS. See #2448145: [meta] Release Zen 7.x-6.0 RC3 is out. 8.x-7.x branch has been created.
  2. Do the minimal steps necessary to convert 7.x-6.0 to Drupal 8. The Drupal 8 theme guide is an excellent resource.
    1. #2487856: Zen's .info and settings need to be migrated to YAML
    2. #2716767: [Meta] Port template.php functions to zen.theme file
    3. #2716773: [Meta] Convert 7.x-6.x Twig components to be Drupal 8-compatible
      • Add new Twig variables and blocks
      • Find the *.html.twig that needs to use this component and add it to STARTERKIT/templates.
      • Add a library for each component's CSS and JS to the .libraries.yml file
      • Determine which Classy library will need a libraries-override so we don't have duplicate CSS.
    4. #2716775: Add .breakpoints.yml file to define breakpoints
    5. #2716777: Update gulpfile.js to automatically find new component CSS files
  3. Nice to haves:
    1. #2595997: Replace Ruby-based scss_lint with node.js-based sass-lint
    2. Other child issues listed below.

Original issue summary

I think that Drupal 8 is now stable enough for Zen to start getting ported.

#15 D8-yml-2052399-15.patch14.43 KBjamessw
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Version: 7.x-5.0 » 7.x-6.x-dev


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Wouldn't that be 8.x-6.x-dev John?

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@chrisjlee That branch hasn't been created yet. Once the branch gets created, then yes.

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Actually, it's going to be 8.x-7.x. Every time Zen gets upgraded to a new version of Drupal, it is a major overhaul. Straight ports are just not possible because of the underlying changes to the theme system in core versions.

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Version: 7.x-6.x-dev » 8.x-7.x-dev
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Hi, just a heads up that we are still trying to create a new Theme system architecture. We will most probably keep BC (due to code freeze), but deprecate the old ways:

#2004872: [meta] Theme system architecture changes

The new API has a 1-1 mapping to the old one, so conversion should be quick, but just as information ...

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Thanks, Fabian!

And, yes, I know it will be a bumpy ride. I love removing large swaths of deprecated/redundant code each time I upgrade Zen to a new core version. :-)

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2013.10.19 - Test

D8-dev (Last updated: October 19, 2013 - 11:08) - {Minimal; plus module 'Toolbar'}
zen-8.x-7.x-dev.tar.gz. (Last updated: October 19, 2013 - 12:54)

Error from attempted auto-install via page [d8-root]/admin/modules/install:
zen-8.x-7.x-dev.tar.gz does not contain any .info.yml files.


Aside: (I just noticed, and )
I appreciate your comedy on Zen 8-dev page:
"Completely broken 8.x -dev release. :-)"

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Have there been any developments with regards to Drupal 8 support, as the beta is out and all?
Are there any plans with regards to when, how and so on?
Is there any specific area where newbieish contributors could focus to help making it happen?

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Drupal 8 has Classy, Backbone, etc. would the backporting of any of the D8 theme features help Zen transition from 7 to 8?

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This is needed for the Drupal 8 port of aGov too.

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14.43 KB

If it's helpful, here's a patch doing #2-1, moving to .yml files. It shouldn't conflict with the move to 7.6. At this point, you can enable Zen as the default theme, but it's not themed.

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Are there any plans to convert this theme to Drupal 8?

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looking forward as well

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Title: Port Zen to Drupal 8 » [Meta] Port Zen to Drupal 8

@Jamessw: Thanks! Can you move the review the patch at #2487856: Zen's .info and settings need to be migrated to YAML and merge your patch with that issue?

@everyone: I'm going to get some sort of release out before Drupal 8.0.0 is released next week. Not sure if it will be alpha/beta/full release yet.

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Thanx for working on D8 Version.
For the peoples like to help: Are you currently working on d.o git repository or on another place like github?

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@JohnAlbin I've added the patch to #2487856.

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I am doing some experimenting with D8 and if some of the patches were added to the dev version of the theme to make it usable I would be able to start from there and help update.

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I think in terms of MVP for getting an alpha release of Zen for D8, we should (temporarily?) remove the Panels layouts.

While it would be nice to merge those back in later, Panels is definitely not ready for prime time and that seems like a feature that could be scrapped in favor of getting a release faster.

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Status: Active » Needs work

Alpha 4 is out. 4th release in 4 days.

I've updated the issue summary to show what still needs to be done.

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Alpha 5 is out. No more Ruby build tools.

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Any updates? Last release has been a while.