Any search which narrows on the Advanced search facet is returning the text "Found results containing the words:" but no actual results when their should be. Instead the "Browse" listing is displayed.

For example, when I search for the word "test", which should have results:


This may be a redirect issue since after performing the advanced search, I land on http://git7site.devdrupal.org/search/site.


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Project: Drupal.org BDD » Project issue tracking
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Adding description of redirect

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Version: 7.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-2.x-dev
Component: Broken site » User interface

D7's new hook_search_info() should be implemented so project_issue_search_page() is active.

If this doesn't solve it, such as needing hook_search_execute() to be implemented too, we should consider using the /project/issues path and not bothering with the view pretending to be a type of search as core defines it.

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Title: Advanced issue search returns no results » D7: restore search page integration, or remove dead code
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Issue tags: -qa, -Drupal.org D7

I actually opted to bypass the search/issues path and go with the canonical project/issues/search in drupalorg, http://drupalcode.org/project/drupalorg.git/commit/2a054c8.

Leaving open because this still should be sorted out in project_issue. project_issue_search_page() is actually dead code at the moment, it doesn't have a menu callback. I think this may be intentional and we should remove that function. (Or maybe the D7 search-page-related hooks should be implemented to make search/issues active again.)

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Clarified details.