i just report in case someone has this problem. i moved the local site to the server and views pdf didnt work. i do it by uploading files by ftp and copying the data base. i will go to a view and in the add display, the pdf view didnt show. i had to disable and re-enable the module. then i started viewing it as a display to add but i had to go to settings and save them to be able to see pdfs.
i imagine that it takes the path for the libraries or something similar that changes from local to server.
i just report in case someone has this problem.

have a good day :)


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This could be cause cache system. Did you use the module backout & migrate? This module handle the export and import really good when you're doing this things.

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i didnt use them, but i cleared all cache with drush and some tables that it doesnt, directly in the database.

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